The Author

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Hello everyone…

My nickname is Patchay. I’m the author of my personal weblog called Patchay@Blogspot – The Phenomena of Life. Never heard of it, just go to

Malaysia City is a blog for all SkyscraperCity Malaysian forumers. Currently, I’m the sole author of this blog, but in time to come other forumers or any interested parties will co-author this blog.

This blog was set up with one goal, that is to keep all Malaysians informed of some very latest, very exciting social-urban developments, most of which are additional information to what you can see in the mainstream media, that are occuring in Malaysia. 

Lastly, I thank you for visiting and invite you to come back again.

10 August 2007

11 Responses to “The Author”

  1. elvislow Says:

    Do u have the contact number of person for “Food Republic”,i m detergent chemicals supplier.thanks a lot.pls send to me the details via my email address

  2. amir lan Says:

    i love this blog!!!
    this blog really good n has a lot of new information!!

    i really appreciate your work, this is the best blog i have ever visit!

    keep on yor good job man!!


  3. kianwei Says:

    Great Website, nice to know u!

  4. yangsquare Says:

    hiya patchay. I’m interested in link exchg- my site is an archi-blog, so this blog might seem very interesting for my readers?

  5. malaysia Says:

    care to provide me a link to …it is a classifieds that allows buying and selling of Malaysia property

  6. Harun Says:

    Hi Patchay,
    I like this blog. Your blog full of information.

  7. Carrielyn Says:

    Oh your blog is great.Phenomena of life.nice description.
    keep it on. i’m an archi student.hehe

  8. arnold Says:

    hey i rily luv wat u guyz are doin hook me up iam an aspiring archi student in ma country thnx (

  9. Shaharudin Says:

    Hi Patchay! I was just wondering if it is possible to meet up and discuss business proposition with you. By the way, a very interesting blog indeed.Extremely useful for a researcher,..

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