Putrajaya Waterfront

Malaysia City hereby presents you an approved waterfront residential development in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

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[Source: World Architecture News]

The city of Putrajaya is the new administrative capital of Malaysia, a few miles south of Kuala Lumpur.

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_1

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_1

The new city is based on a system of connected islands created by overflowing a very large plantation of oil palms. The Public Administration buildings are in the centre of the islands, the residential units face the water.

“The key of the overall planning for the waterfront is the relationship to the waterfront or lakefront. Whilst the buildings on the boulevard predominantly reinforce the alignment of the boulevard, the waterfront planning should tie the boulevard back to the waterfront. The current masterplan creates large building block footprints that remain heavy a reminiscent of old American models.”

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_2A

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_2A

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_2B

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_2B

The main residential complex is conceived like a fleet of majestic Sail-Boats floating in the lagoon.

“Our conceptual approach is relative to context and tropical climate. Three factors influence our sketch planning approach: allow permeable building blocks, smaller block sizes and radiate the buildings to enhance the visual corridors and links between the boulevard and the lakefront; varying the building height of ten storey restrictions heightening at nodal points for massing hierarchy; unify the buildings by introducing a canopy roof uniquely tropical.”

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_3

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_3

The rib-like structural system forms the outer skin of the Sail-Boats and gives an important contribution to shadow the inner spaces of the various apartments without interfering with the view of the artificially created lagoon.

“The new urban plan places integration with landscaping and view as priorities. It encourages creating “fingers” of developments towards the water body and infused with park, creating a series of green forecourts.”

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_4

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_4

All the apartments face the opposite sides of the Sail-Buildings as to create bilateral ventilation, with positive bio-climatic effects.

“The urban plan suggests the building orientation and massing provide maximum view toward the water and development across the lake. The massing is broken into smaller components with different heights. This approach will ensure the integration of landscape and building massing. The landscape and public areas will be larger and located in between the building fingers, which will create an interesting “journey” towards the waterfront.”

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_5

Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Residence_5

Project details:

“Putrajaya Waterfront Luxury Condos” @ Core Island Precinct 4

Architects: Italian architect Manfredi Nicoletti www.manfredinicoletti.com and Malaysian architect: HijjasKasturi www.hijjaskasturi.com

Developer: Putrajaya Holdings www.pjh.com.my

Description: The project will probably be launched at the end of the year. Selling price starting from RM 700 per sqft. Development will be in two phases, 4 blocks launched in each phase. Currently open for registration. (Source: Rizalhakim)

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Meanwhile, a new hotel is opening in Putrajaya beginning this November 2008.

Pullman Putrajaya Lakeside by Accor Hotels & Resorts is a 5-star hotel featuring 282 rooms with a unique traditional South-east Asian theme.

Updates coming shortly

Updates coming shortly…

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In the meantime, here’s a latest Malaysian development proposal from World Architecture News…

Putrajaya Waterfront_small

The proposed ultra-luxurious Putrajaya Waterfront.

Putrajaya on 10th January


 Photo by by chee kong see thoe

Putrajaya Tower

Putrajaya Tower img1

Background Information 

A design proposal / closed competition for a proposed 100m Putrajaya Tower, in Putrajaya to be located near the Dataran Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Tower img2

The project brief calls for an 100 meters observation tower, overlooking the administrative center of Putrajaya, which will be used as a tourist destination and attraction. The tower will also include a revolving restaurant, visitor center / gallery and an observation deck.

Putrajaya Tower img3

Design Approach

Our concept is based on abstract interpretation of the “Sirih Junjung”; a quid of betel consisting of betel (sirih) leaves, betel nut (pinang) tobacco and gambir combined and folded neatly together and held in place by a clove. The folded leaves also symbolizes and represent unity. Furthermore, the offering of a sirih quid set (Sirih Junjung) carries a welcoming message to the receiver, the giver symbolically presents himself humbly before the receiver.

Putrajaya Tower img4

In our design, we have incorporated 2 observation deck, one at 20 metres and the other at 80 meters. This is to allow tourists to view the administrative center at different levels.

Source: Atsa Architects