About Malaysia

About Malaysia

Capital and Largest City: Kuala Lumpur

Federal Government Administrative Centre: Putrajaya

Urban Areas:
1. Klang Valley connurbation (Kuala Lumpur – Petaling – Klang – Hulu Langat – Gombak – Sepang);
2. Johor Bahru (border city across Singapore);
3. Penang (Georgetown – Penang Island – Butterworth)

Government: Federal Constitutional Elective (or rotational) Monarchy

Population: 27 million (2007 estimate)

Demographics: Malays (53%); Chinese (30%); Indians (8%); others

Languages: Bahasa Malaysia (Malay) is the official language. English is primarily used as private sector/business language, or as first language for many city folks. Chinese in Malaysia speak Mandarin and/or a variety of Chinese dialects including Cantonese, Hokkien/Fujian, Hakka, Teochew etc. Indians in Malaysia mainly speak Tamil; some speak Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam etc.

Religion: Multi-religous society with Islam as official religion

Currency: Ringgit (RM or MYR)

Time Zone: GMT +8

Kuala Lumpur

[Photo by © Precious Dream]

12 Responses to “About Malaysia”

  1. Elizabeth Says:

    I would like to visit your country but i have no money and i need sponsorship since it is a very nice country. thank you

  2. amir lan Says:

    hi there!!!

    i am malaysian study abroad and i always keep searching for malaysian new development city and futuristic new modern building especially in KL and luckily i found your blog!!

    i love it so much and keep on your good job man!!!

    fantastic n wonderful!!!

    produ to be MALAYSIAN!!!

  3. Valerie Christina White Says:

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  4. ALong Says:

    Love it!

  5. waqar Says:

    osssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssam !

  6. luzie Says:

    I will visit again MALAYSIA this Feb… see u MALAYSIA

  7. luisa Says:

    helloooo there
    hope you having a wonderful day
    well here night
    i was looking at malaysian pictures, and it looks very beautiful, im hoping to visit there really soon, great page, have an awesome day!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. arge Says:

    hola amigos

    me gustaria tener una guia de empresas existentes en malasia.
    agradesco la ayuda

  9. simon Says:

    Very impress website and informative. Well done…
    Malaysia Boleh

  10. sumaya Says:

    love it,love it been there twice cant wait to come again,beautiful city ,beautiful people and mostly Islam Islam.

  11. sarvesh Says:

    I would like to visit your country but i have no money and i need sponsorship since it is a very nice country. thank you

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