Patchay.Com takes over


To all Malaysia City readers,

This is a major site announcement. I am ‘merging’ this site with my personal site at

The original contents of Malaysia City will stay as it is, so readers can still leave comments and share info with other visitors, but I will temporarily stop updating this site.

The new website will continue to cover topics related to urban developments and socio-economic developments in Malaysia and around the world, as well as personal topics such as my friends, travels, lifestyle and other fun stuffs.

Lastly, I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my readers here and I look forward to your return to the new website:

— — — — — —

KL Projects & Construction Update

The new page is now at:

— — — — — —

Merry Xmas and kind regards
Malaysia City

2 Responses to “Patchay.Com takes over”

  1. Buzz Says:

    Saw that you mentioned the X-Seed 4000 not too long ago. The Creagination blog just ran an article on that. Thought you might be interested.

  2. onethebook Says:

    Now as the night sky crept in, expectations of its creatures and their torment to silence, were that a tranquil slumber would not be harbored till the next day’s dawn. But pleasantly surprised instead, they made a melodic rhythm with their sounds that actually evoked sleep.

    Woken refreshed the next morning by the transformation of light; a memory of such a good night sleep could not be had. But upon waking, the realization that this was happening manifested. And the ever present dilemma that he may never make it back home quickly set in, but with a smile of infinite satisfaction he sat, knowing that he never wanted to go back.

    Here I am, he thought, outside my element and clueless to everything around me. But already I am happier than I can remember being in years. All my life things were handed to me and I never had to work for anything. Sure I was educated and groomed for success which financially I had. But never was I as happy as now, when I have nothing.

    want to read more or get an ebook for2$ go to my web site by the way this is only one of three stroies that are in the book and can be previewed.

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