Anwar: I have the numbers!

As midnight of Sept 16 approaches, Anwar proclaimed that HE HAS THE NUMBERS.

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Stay tune for more updates this evening.

Latest 2pm Sept 16:

1. Zaid confirms quiting. His decision is final.

2. Pak Lah and Najib brush aside takeover plans today. Pak Lah calls Anwar’s claim a blatant lie.

3. Raja Petra met with family members.

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Pakatan Rakyat may make an announcement tomorrow (Sept 16)

regarding the letter they sent to PM earlier today.

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Mass Gathering To Celebrate Malaysia Day

Mass Gathering To Celebrate Malaysia Day at Kelana Jaya Stadium

News reporting by Malaysiakini and picture by The Malaysian Insider:

Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told his supporters to have faith as a new government was in sight.

“Tonight on the eve of Malaysia day, we are ready to form the government tomorrow,” he said to loud cheers from the crowd.

He said that he had the required number of members of parliament to form the government.

He said that Pakatan Rakyat has submitted a letter to Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi today, seeking a meeting with him for a smooth transition.

“Tomorrow is the day we are ready to form the government. But the best time, I tell you, is when we meet the prime minister.

“A peaceful transition is paramount,” he added.

He was talking to more than 25,000 people who had started gathering at the Kelana Jaya stadium to celebrate Pakatan Rakyat’s Hari Malaysia celebration.Anwar began his speech at 10.15pm and is still giving his speech as this report is filed.

Anwar also emphasised the importance of Sabah and Sarawak to Malaysia.He also criticised the Barisan Nasional for pursuing its divide and rule agenda at the expense of the two east Malaysian states.

“This is the first time ever a celebration of this scale was being held to recognise that we are one, that Sabah and Sarawak are part of Malaysia,” Anwar told the crowd.

He added that he would declare Sept 16 as a public holiday when he forms the government.

Anwar also slammed the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi-led government of practising racial politics, which he said led to the ISA arrests of three people.He urged the Malays not to be swayed by the BN policies.

“The Ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy) benefitted only the rich and elite Malays, not the rest,” he said.

Most of those in the crowd are there in the belief that PKR leader Anwar is to make an important announcement later tonight on the formation of a new government in time with his self-imposed deadline which expires tomorrow.

Earlier Anwar entered the venue at about 9.40pm to wild chants of ‘Reformasi!’ and ‘Merdeka’.

Organisers Pakatan are expecting a bigger turnout as the night continues with speeches from coalition leaders. Anwar will be the last speaker.

Many Pakatan leaders are already at the venue, most of them also believing that Anwar would be making an important announcement later tonight.

Penang Chief Minister and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng, when asked if there would be a surprise announcement today, merely said: “Wait for Anwar”.

Guan Eng and DAP veteran Lim Kit Siang earlier arrived at the stadium to loud cheers at about 9.15pm.

Many people on the ground whom Malaysiakini spoke to also expressed confidence of an impending change.

“He may reveal the first batch of defectors and maybe on how they will approach the king.

“I think they will wrap it up and form a new government by the end of this month,” said retiree G Maniam.

‘I am surprised at how fast things are changing,” said another person at the stadium Anthony Tong.

The 52-year-old accountant from Cheras said that he will not be disappointed even if Anwar managed to make a change (of government) by the end of the year.


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One Response to “Anwar: I have the numbers!”

  1. GenYong Says:

    First of all, we must congratulations to Anwar Ibrahim. We hope that get the new PM tomorrow. We also hope that have a better future after 916.

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