Opening Ceremony Photos

Beijing 2008 XXIX Olympiad
Opening Ceremony
8 August 2008

A Special Presentation by Malaysia City
Attributed Professional Photos
in association with

Opening Ceremony_1

Opening Ceremony_2,008 drummers

Opening Ceremony_Silence Night

Opening Ceremony_Starry starry night

Opening Ceremony_2

Opening Ceremony_Countdown percussion

Opening Ceremony_3

Opening Ceremony_Countdown 1 minute

Opening Ceremony_4

Opening Ceremony_8 Seconds in numerical and Chinese

Opening Ceremony_5

Opening Ceremony_29 Footprints marching towards Bird Nest (Note: filming on TV was faked)

Opening Ceremony_6

Opening Ceremony_Fireworks showstart

Opening Ceremony_Glittering Red

Opening Ceremony_Glittering red

Opening Ceremony_7

Opening Ceremony_Welcome My Friends

Opening Ceremony_8

Opening Ceremony_Waterfall of Stars showering over audience

Opening Ceremony_9

Opening Ceremony_20 Floating Fairies and Olympic Rings lifted up vertically

Opening Ceremony_10

Opening Ceremony_56 ethnic minorities for Flag-raising Ceremony

Opening Ceremony_11

Opening Ceremony_Ink-soaked Dancers sketching Chinese history

Opening Ceremony_12

Opening Ceremony_Terracotta Soldiers Dance

Opening Ceremony_13

Opening Ceremony_Blocks Formation depicting Chinese characters and inventions

Opening Ceremony_14

Opening Ceremony_Flowers in tribute to Sichuan victims

Opening Ceremony_16

Opening Ceremony_Oarsmen and Chinese junks during Silk Road voyage

Opening Ceremony_Chinese dynasties

Opening Ceremony_Chinese dynasties

Opening Ceremony_Chinese opera

Opening Ceremony_Chinese traditional opera

Opening Ceremony_15

Opening Ceremony_Illuminated dancers forming Birds Nest symbolizing modernity

Opening Ceremony_Tai Chi

Opening Ceremony_2,008 Tai Chi masters

Opening Ceremony_13

Opening Ceremony_Flow of harmony with nature

Opening Ceremony_13

Opening Ceremony_Children drew mountain, water and smiling sun

Opening Ceremony_14

Opening Ceremony_The future is bright

Theme Song

Opening Ceremony_You and Me Themed Song sang by Liu H and Sarah B

Opening Ceremony_17

Opening Ceremony_Smiles of young children and Chinese red lantern depicting global unison

One World One Dream

Opening Ceremony_One World One Dream

Opening Ceremony_Lighting of Cauldron

Opening Ceremony_Lighting of the Cauldron

Opening Ceremony_The End

Opening Ceremony_The End

Inside The Birds Nest today

Inside The Birds Nest today

Closing ceremony will be held on 24 August 2008. Chinese celebrities rumoured to be performing include Jackie Chan (HK), Stephanie Sun (Singapore), Wang Lee Hom (Taiwan), Rain (SKorea) etc. British celebrities include Leona Lewis, Jimmy Page and David Beckham.

Sincere acknowledgements to: and contributors ; SSC Global Development Forum and forumers ; SSC Mainland China, China forumers and moderator “big-dog” ; Xinhuanet Online Media ; China Daily ; Sina China Online Community ; Forum ; Baidu China Online Community


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