The Dynamic Tower Dubai (Updated)


Have you ever thought of a rotating building?

Now imaging that an entire building is able to move on its own, rotating 360 degrees, not once but infinite times. 

My youthful side tells me this idea is “so COOL…”

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Introducing the latest ambitious project in Dubai, officially the construction will kick off in the next few weeks…

in Dubai, and then Moscow
by Dynamic Architecture

The world media were today (Tuesday) introduced in New York to The World’s First ‘Building In Motion’. Called the “Rotating Tower”, designed by Italian architect David Fisher and British firm Dynamic Architecture, it is expected to be a reality in less than two years (2010) in Dubai and (then) Moscow.

Rotating Tower_1

The Dubai building will reach 80 floors, and will be 420m / 1,380ft tall (almost the height of Petronas Towers in Malaysia) – the top 10 floors will be used for luxury villa style apartments, below which a further 35 floors of residential suites, then the 15 floors below will comprise an extravagant hotel and the lowest 20 floors used as retail space and offices. It will become a new symbol of Dubai.

The Dynamic Tower Dubai_1

The Dynamic Tower Dubai_2

The segmented tower design will have a center concrete core and allow each floor to continuously, slowly rotate independently at different speeds, using voice recognition technology and giving those inside an ever-changing view over the space of 1 to 3 hours. The rotation results in a unique and ever evolving structure that introduces a fourth dimension (4D) to architecture. In Dubai building the voice recognition will be able to interpret such instructions as ‘left’ or ‘right’ in English, Arabic or Italian but any language could be programmed in for further buildings. COOL !!!

Rotating & Car Elevator

The tower will also include a revolutionary car elevator up to the 80th floor!  

“You drive your car into the elevator and it takes you to your floor, where you drive into your suite (park there).” [MCity]

Rotating Tower_Floors

The twisting, twirling tower(s) design uses photovoltaic cells and wind turbine technology to collect enough energy to power itself. The cells which will be placed on the top surface of each floor will be 15% open to the sun’s rays on all 80 floors for the full day helping to power the building.

Rotating Tower_Plans

Fisher added: “Most cities in the world have enough wind to power turbines – we have used German technology and are testing in Italy and it seems we have enough power”. The tower will have 77 wind turbines positioned horizontally between each floors.

Rotating Tower_2_with Singapore skyline

Interestingly, the tower(s) will also be the first skyscraper to be entirely constructed from prefabricated parts put together in a factory in Southern Italy by a team of 600 in the facility and 80 on-site, instead of thousands of workers on a similar size traditional construction site.

“Almost all the construction of the suites are done at the workshop, then stacked up like Lego attached to the core.” [MCity]

The construction will begin in the next few weeks in Italy where the bathrooms, the most complicated part of the design according to Fisher, will be created and it is hoped they will be able to break ground in the next couple of months.

Rotating Tower_3_Gold

While there has been interest from several countries throughout the world Fisher hopes that New York will be the next to pick up on the concept. 

The Dynamic Tower Dubai_3

Since every floor rotates, how would the water systems be? How about sanitary? Maintenance? Fire safety? How many car elevators? What if rotation system jammed? What if everyone wants to be on a particular side, let’s say to watch fireworks etc? Will the building sway?

I can’t imagine how scary could it be if something doesn’t work! [MCity]


VIDEO REPORT: AP | Reuters | GulfNews | DynamicArchi

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55 Time DubaiIn a similar development, the world’s first revolving (entirely) tower will also be in Dubai. 

Called the “55º Time Dubai™” or Time Residences Dubai, it is a precision ‘Timepiece Building’ powered by the sun, turning 360º in 7 days, offering 360° panoramic penthouse views to all apartments providing a new view of the city every day.

It will be the first of 24 Timepiece Buildings to be constructed around the world all turning in complete synchronisation utilising unique rotation technology under licence from 360°Time World. 

360°Time World has announced it will break ground on 8 August 2008.

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