Dubai Supertall Madness (Updated2)



Almost the whole world, including economic giants USA, Japan and China, is shivering over skyrocketing oil prices, one country on Earth seems largely unaffected. AND NOW CREDIT CRUNCH?

That is the United Arab Emirates.

The reason to that is simple. The world’s major consumers of petroleum are heavily dependent on the Middle Eastern oil. And oil-rich Dubai being the emirate’s main city and the main entrepot for the region is now flushed with revenues of billions and trillions like never before.

So Dubai is ‘showing off’ its wealth in an unprecedented transformation of its entire city skyline.

At least three so-called Business Districts have been rigourously planned to rise up in the middle of its sand dunes. The city has already become the host to the highest number of skyscrapers and super-high towers in the world. Amongst them are the world’s tallest building Burj Dubai and the completed luxurious Burj Al Arab and Rose Rotana Suites.  

Critics argued what economic sense could be justified by building grandiose record-breaking structures when the current economic condition are unable to support these efforts. 

Although the city is fast becoming an important tourist destination especially to the Europeans, Dubai has a relatively small population in excess of one million. Astonishingly to note that more than two thirds of its population are made up of expatriates (who are not locals), mainly consisting of impecunious people from subcontinental South Asia. Generally, they are employed as labours in Dubai’s booming construction industry.

Nevertheless, many locals believe that their small but affluent population coupled with some cash-rich tourists would not stop their dreams in making Dubai one of the world’s premier financial hubs in the coming decade.

We now take a review of the supertowers planned for this city.

Dubai On-Going Projects of more than 75 storeys:

Burj Dubai

1. Burj Dubai, the world’s tallest building is due for completion end of this year. Currently it has 162 completed floors.

Pentominium Burj Al Alam_1  Burj Al Alam_2

2. The Pentominium – 120 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2011

3. Burj Al Alam – 108 floors – Location: Business Bay – Completion: 2010

Dubai Supertalls

4. Marina 101 – 102 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2010

5. Elite Residence Dubai – 92 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2010

6. Dubai Princess Tower – 101 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2009

7. The Torch Dubai – 84 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2008

8. Ahmed Abdul Rahim Al Attar Tower – 76 floors – Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown – Completion: 2008

9. Al Yacoub Tower – 72 floors – Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown – Completion: 2009

23 Marina The Index Ocean Heights

10. 23 Marina – 90 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2009

11. The Index – 86 floors – Location: Dubai International Financial Centre – Completion: 2010

12. Ocean Heights – 82 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2010

D1 Dubai Infinity Dubai Almas Dubai  HHH Tower

13. D1 Tower – 80 floors – Location: Dubai Culture Village – Completion: 2010

14. Infinity Tower Dubai – 80 floors – Location: Dubai Marina – Completion: 2010

15. Almas Tower – 74 floors – Location: Jumeirah Lake – Completion: 2008

16. HHHR Tower – 72 floors – Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown – Completion: 2009

Lam Tara Emirates Park Dancing Dubai

17. Lam Tara Twin Towers – 70, 60 floors – Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown – Completion: 2010

18. Emirates Park Towers – twin 77 floors – Location: Business Bay – Completion: 2009

19. Dubai Dancing Towers – 80, 65, 52 floors – Location: Business Bay – Completion: 2011

— — —

Dubai Proposed Projects of more than 75 storeys:

 Dubai Towers  Dubai Wave

20. Proposed The Signature Dubai Towers – 57 to 97 floors – Location: The Lagoons Dubai

21. Proposed Dubai Wave Tower – 92 floors – Location: Waterfront, Dubai

Marina Sky Hard Rock Dubai Damac Heights

22. Proposed Marina Sky Towers – twin 100 floors and annexe 90 floors – Location: Dubai Marina

23. Proposed Hard Rock Hotel Dubai – 91 floors – Location: World Trade Centre, Dubai

24. Proposed Damac Heights – 105 floors – Location: Dubai Marina

Oasis Beach Al Sharq The Lighthouse

25. Proposed Oasis Beach Hotel Tower – 90 floors – Location: Dubai Marina

26. Proposed Al Sharq Tower – 102 floors – Location: Sheikh Zayed Road, Dubai Downtown

27. Proposed The Lighthouse Dubai – 66 to 80 floors – Location: Dubai International Financial Centre

The Lotus Palm Jebel Ali Towers

28. Proposed La Residence @ The Lotus – Location: Business Bay

29. Proposed towers on Palm Jebel Ali, offshore Dubai

30. The proposed Al Burj that will be the world’s first ever 1km (in height) man-made structure. 228 floors no kidding !!! Soil testing for this project has begun at its location near Dubai Marina. This project has been redesigned and relocated to a location yet to be known.

Al Burj

— — —

Under Design and What’s Coming Up!

Abraaj Tatweer Twin Towers

31. Abraaj Tatweer Twin Towers – 110 floors twins – Cancelled as announced on 12 May ’08

Asia Asia Hotel Ggicouae Tower  The Skyscraper Dubai  Da Vinci Dubai

32. Asia Asia Hotel – planned to be world’s largest hotel with about 6,500 rooms, sited in DubaiLand

33. “Ggicouae” Tower – 106 floors

34. The Skyscraper Dubai is currently on-hold.  

35. The conceptual twisting Da Vinci Dubai Tower has 68 floors. This project has been made public as “The Dynamic Tower Dubai“.

Al Bawadi

36. The Desert Gate are twin iconic towers that will greet visitors at the entrance of Al Bawadi. Al Bawadi is a string of 54 (not 31 as previously mentioned) themed hotels replicating world’s famous landmarks serving DubaiLand theme park cities. 

37. The proposed Atrium City or “AC Towers” is a cluster of three supertowers rising above 100 floors, to be connected at base with an atrium and with skybridges. TO BE REVEALED in OCTOBER 2008

38. The proposed “EP07 Tower” will rise 125 floors and reflect Dubai’s pearl trading and farming heritage. TO BE REVEALED in OCTOBER 2008

EP07 Tower

39. The lower-rised “EP09 Towers” have open garden spaces with water, creating an oasis surrounding the six towers. TO BE REVEALED in OCTOBER 2008

EP09 Towers

40. The proposed “EP15 Tower” is a soaring tower of light and wind filter. It will have a build-up area of 300,000 square metres and will rise to 101 floors. TO BE REVEALED in OCTOBER 2008 

EP15 Tower

41. and 42. Two spectacular concept towers planned for Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens – the House of Commerce Central Tower and an observation tower behind Sheikh Mohammed Mosque.

— — —

And finally there are many many more buildings under 80 floors constructed and being planned in Dubai.

The reality is that Dubai has “too much” money from black gold 🙂 And every minute, they are digging!

27 Responses to “Dubai Supertall Madness (Updated2)”

  1. jebel ali beach Says:

    […] over skyrocketing oil prices, one country?on Earth seems largely unaffected. That is?the United Developments sells out Dhs3bn dirham Aquarius Gate at Waterfront in launch week AME […]

  2. ylun Says:

    this city is crazy and wondering do they need that much office space? and do they take into consideration of the pollutions?

  3. KNizam Says:

    man i like this entry. will create a link back to my blog. hehe 🙂

  4. jebel ali in united arab emirates Says:

    […] over skyrocketing oil prices, one country?on Earth seems largely unaffected. That is?the Unite Corporation to Build Masterbatch Facility in Dubai PR Newswire via Yahoo! Finance Cabot […]

  5. Monovalent Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Monovalent!!

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  7. Upcoming Dubai projects !! « Glenn In The Mix 2008 Says:

    […] June 28, 2008 Here some projects that I liked, some have already started with construction and some are in consideration. You can find out more here. […]

  8. coolgirl Says:

    fantabulous.very cute and extraordinary.

  9. Vasco Ta Dec Says:

    its turning to be the worlds greatest city ever for a tourist.
    U R having the sky touching buildings, 5+ star hotels, wonderful dubai marina, and what is the most,unbelievably skiing at the desert!
    I M Lovin’ it.
    i want to know the secret that had worked so far after dubai’s unbelievable fast-growing economy.It’s wonderful when you see a middle east country having more interest in tourism sector than the European or USA ones.Last 5 years, Dubai changed their policy in economy completely like a U-Turn.
    they won’t have to worry even if their oil reserve gets down,Dubai would be run by her tourism.

  10. isazeeb Says:

    its very fantastic country.burj dubai,al burj is very nice tower.i love dubai very much………

  11. Mohamed Says:

    First of all the UAE economy is affected by the current global economic situation. Its currency is linked to the dollar. Also its stock market have plummeted as well as the rest of the GCC countries (oil-exporters). Second of all Dubai isn’t the Emirates main city Abu Dhabi is which is also the capital. Dubai doesn’t export oil. On the other hand it has a relatively small gas reserves which I doubt they export and may dry up soon. Dubai’s economy was based on first its Jabel Ali ports then tourism, real estate and wealthy GCC Investors (Abu Dhabi & Saudi Arabia). Now its more diverse becoming an economic hub of the middle east. Dubai is a pioneer in the Arab world. The main thing that drives Dubai’s prosperity is its leadership structure. If it gets approved by Mohammed Bin Rashed nothing can stop it. Projects are coming off the ground faster than mushrooms due to that reason.

  12. poohead Says:

    What a crap! I hate this stuff !!! It al sucks!!

  13. yel Says:

    we have decided to rename the twin towers to the tripplet towers as there is three towers..and we would like to purchase one tower each. by the way they are all very AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Terminator Says:

    Well, it is nice to see a small city like Dubai makin a stand in the world. Projects r comin fast, n Y not., oil is runnin out n soo as the dependency on oil….AS far as tourism is concerned, this city will make a mark. But still, as compared to the Alpha cities n the major cities like NYC, London, Chicago n Toronto, it doesnt even cum close.. n these cities doesnt even hav to make such projects to attract tourism.they r already built..

  15. Pran Says:

    I will be obliged if anyone can please send me some closeups and other photos of Davinci tower of Dubai to
    Thanks in adavance

  16. » Frenesí vertical Says:

    […] este artículo sobre Dubai (Malaysia City) se tratan los futuros proyectos de rascacielos para esta ciudad de los Emiratos Árabes […]

  17. Edward Says:

    Dubai is crazy, and China is crazier. (in a good way) =)

  18. jogs Says:

    all i can say is wow

  19. Evan Says:

    too bad they’re in a ton of debt

  20. jalanjalanbersamaotakcair Says:

    I went to Dubai and found out most of the buildings and properties are empty..yet they’re still building more..

  21. inshasoft Says:

    Its WonderFul Post, Excellent work, keep it up

  22. Realtorbran Says:


    My name is Brandon, and I run a network of
    realtor pages. I am looking for a link exchange.

    Could you email me ?


  23. serenepain Says:

    this is true architecture. u can not mess with these designs and craftsmanship. Dubai is the land of the riches.

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