Aeropolis @ KLIA

Courtesy Veritas Architects. 

In a few months time, Malaysia Airports Berhad (MAHB), the operator of the KL International Airport (KLIA) will announce a major transformation plan for KLIA.

KLIA will embark on extensive property development, transforming the airport into a remarkable mixed-use of commercial, tourism and transportation hub called (tentatively) the AEROPOLIS KLIA.

KLIA Aeropolis_1 

The mega-project will be developed around the existing airport on 2,730 acres of land. With this, KLIA will be transformed to be more than just an airport! 

KLIA Aeropolis_2

It will be an international meeting place which includes business parks, logistic parks, industrial estates and “free zones”, retail centres and merchandise marts, ICT complexes, hotels, a theme park, tourism and entertainment centres and an airport residential neighbourhood. 

*** *** ***

Meanwhile, a new masterplan for KLIA (airport) has been shown to the public.

KLIA new plan including Permanent LCCT

       -Picture by forumer Clarence-

Contrast the above plan with the below that was shown at the recent LIMA 2007 aerospace show.

KLIA plan @ LIMA07

       -Picture by forumer ntly1-

This is how KLIA (and Sepang F1 Circuit) looks like today from the air…

KLIA photo from air

And imagine when the whole KLIA gets built-up!

*** *** ***

Finally something from overseas…

Beijing T3

Beijing Capital International Terminal 3, the largest and grandest airport terminal complex ever built will be officially opened this coming March in time for Beijing Olympics 2008.


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