The New Proton Saga

UPDATED (after launch)

The New Gen Proton SAGA 

 The Second Generation Proton SAGA. Read more:

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Proton’s latest baby! 

Here’s the brochure for the NEW PROTON SAGA*… [codename: Proton BLM/SRM]

* Note: Finalised name for the new Proton SAGA unconfirmed.


Not bad!

The new Proton is expected to be launched this Friday, 18 January 2008.

NEW Proton SAGA Details 
[Click here to enlarge]

The 1.3L car is expected to be the cheapest in the future line of cars offered by Proton, current on the road pricing is between RM31,400 and RM40,000.

NEW Proton SAGA Price List
[Click here to enlarge]

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6 Responses to “The New Proton Saga”

  1. Bengbeng Says:

    i see nothing exciting abt this baby. it is boring and outdated model even before launching. i might buy it as a second car after listening to others’ comments after they have used it for a few months. the price factor attracts me.

  2. mob1900 Says:

    It looks like a kid with big Forehead or even the outdated Daihatsu Ascent but the best is still Proton’s uncanny ability to turn anything to sh*t. Buying Proton is supporting a lost-cause. Proton = NEP’s ugly kid.

    Buy Perodua.

  3. imDavidLee Says:

    may i know about the fuel consumption?

  4. mehrdad Says:

    please send me some information about proton engine,thx

  5. malaysia classifieds Says:

    wonder if it is lighter or heavier than previous old saga?
    anyone has latest feedback about its performance?

  6. Mr.Lim Says:

    i am waiting the proton saga for 3week ad..but still cant get the car. Is that the blue proton saga out of stock ad and wont hv anymore?is jit? coz the seller said so.
    Do the proton saga out of stock? i ‘m frm kedah.

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