Let’s Forgive Datuk Chua lah

Datuk Chua Soi Lek

Datuk Seri Chua Soi Lek, Health Minister of Malaysia 2004-2 Jan ’08 

Bravo you admit it ! Regrettably that you have to leave for the good of the nation ! Goodbye and good luck…

In my point of view, as being a Malaysian, you have done your job well and should be *conditionally* forgiven (in the eyes of the Malaysian public) for what you’ve done pertaining to health issues in our country. This case is indeed your personal thing, but like what you said (in general) Malaysians are just too “holier than thou”,… …traditional, conservative… whatever you call it…

and I guess most Malaysians want to see a minister that can be their REAL REAL good role model… (at least in ethical familyhood things… not forgetting other things of course)  lol.

And you’re a pretty lucky chap to get your family still supporting you…

Tell Malaysia City what are your thoughts too… 

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3 Responses to “Let’s Forgive Datuk Chua lah”

  1. jeffrey chew Says:

    I forgive him but not the party he represents. That is a separate issue and I guess being a Malaysian chinese, I will take this up on my own conscience. I forgive you Datuk. I know it’s hard on you – but I will never forgive the party that you represented. Pretentious and deceiving. Lets see you all in the ballot box.

  2. mob1900 Says:

    Will Baby Yok Shan forgive him?
    Why are there so many sympathisers out there when these MaChAi Elites shit on the rakyat at every opportunity during their tenure?

  3. damak Says:

    His mistake that he was not careful when f…king his girlfriend. Why should we forgive him. Ask forgiveness from god. It is his moral obligation to quit all posts as what the other leaders in the world including US and Britian who were involved in the similar scandal.

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