Danga Bay Global City

OK… we all heard about the massive plans of Iskandar Development Region (IDR) that will transform the southern state of Johor into an economic powerhouse.

Very lately, one of IDR’s component, that is the Redevelopment of Johor Bahru or to be precisely the waterfront development of Danga Bay (in Johor Bahru) has been making headlines due to a more than RM1.1 billion corporate deal.

Danga Bay jpg1

Sources said that upon completion of the corporate deal, there will be MORE things coming that will make Danga Bay the new vibrant hub of Johor Bahru city. 

[July 2007] KUALA LUMPUR: Ekovest Bhd has (will) unveiled a RM19.2 billion integrated waterfront city project at the Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in South Johor, making it the first private Malaysian investor to announce firm waterfront development there.

Danga Bay jpg2

The tranquility of Danga Bay 

Spread over 1850 acres and a total of 25km of water frontage, the initial plan is as below… (most probably still the current plan as well) …

Danga Bay Plan jpg2

Danga Bay Plan jpg1 

[Click pic to enlarge]

However, Malaysia City found the latest artist rendering as this…

Danga Bay Plan jpg3

[Courtesy of Arkitek MAA]


Is this what they should re-name as yet another Global City (with reference to PGCC)… Danga Bay Global City or Johor Global City Centre?  

Johor Bahru will change. Danga Bay is indeed gonna be a Vision City of the South.

Malaysia City wishes everyone a Blessed Xmas and a joyful New Year!

And as usual lookout for more Report on “Cooool” developments next year. See you in 2008!

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