The Light Waterfront Penang

Last Updated: 29 November 2007 

The Light Waterfront Penang is designed to be an international-class waterfront precinct.

It is Penang’s first integrated leisure, retail, entertainment and cultural destination, within an upmarket and luxurious waterfront enclave.

The Light will create a totally new experience for Penang visitors and its residents.

The LIGHT Waterfront

Two iconic towers will greet visitors from Penang Bridge.   

The RM6.5 billion project will be developed by IJM in 4 phases over 15 years period on reclaimed land off Jelutong Expressway near the first Penang Bridge.

Phase 1 of The LIGHT

Phase 1 includes The Light Point, The Light Linear and The Light Collection waterfront villas.   

Villas of The Light

The project will be kicked off with the residential precinct of Phase 1.  

Phase 2 of The LIGHT

Phase 2 will have a commercial district with dining promenades, different malls for family, fun, IT savvy and upmarket fashion-conscious types, four hotels ranging from family to resort, boutique and spa and business hotel, an office tower, a floating cultural theatre and convention centre and a marina.

Malls of The Light

As a day-out experience for families, a hip hangout for young techo-savvy or a new Penang discovery for local, regional and international visitors, The Light will celebrate the spirit of Penang’s uniqueness, relaxed serendipity and exotic heritage.

Masterplan of The LIGHT

Phase 3 is to be developed as a sea-front park. Phase 4 is set to have another iconic development but will be unveiled at a later date.  

Thus, when completed, The Light will represent one of the highest proportions of leisure-based services anywhere in South East Asia.

The Light will become an example of the next generation of developments for Penang and the rest of South East Asia.

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2 Responses to “The Light Waterfront Penang”

  1. yennie Says:

    very interest to it……

  2. Celyn Says:

    Its really amazing.
    How great if i can involve in designing this project.

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