The Capers Sentul East

Correction: Sentul East, where Saffron and Tamarind are, not Sentul West as previously stated.

The Capers @ Sentul East, architecturally sophisticated for Malaysia, will be unveiled by YTL very soon.

The Capers by YTL 

Curvy and combining the “wow” effect will certainly thrill anyone who passes by this landmark 

It is designed to inspire and to stir your imagination to the fullest. The new design symbolises the rebirth of Sentul as an upmarket, affluent neighbourhood for KL’s elites.

Registration now opens at

6 Responses to “The Capers Sentul East”

  1. Suffian Rahman Says:

    Wow. Sentul East is definitely turning out to be the place to be. =)

  2. Prometheus Says:

    Hope so… Just bought a unit at Phase 2 of D7, which is AKA D6 for half a mil..

  3. mirukus Says:

    The Capers is like raising a luxury in the middle of scrape, what view would u love to see!! it doesn’t feet into that environment at all, hopefully YTL is well aware about what she is doing! and I am wondering what would be the price looks like!!! the design and facilities r surely worth it but the place it is jst dunno what to say!!!

  4. Brian Says:

    Capers is definitely an icon of the renewed Sentul…and it will boost the market value of the surrounding condos and shop offices…let wait and see….

    Btw, if anyone interested in buying Saffron or Tamarind, please write to for enquiries or contact 0172300698 for more information. Price from RM380+ per sqft

  5. salvin Says:

    hye there good day!! m planing to buy a condominium at capes .would like to knoe how much is it for selling prize and if there any other condo for selling pls do let me knoe .thanks

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