Tenaga to build new HQ

(LATEST NEWS) Tenaga Nasional Bhd (TNB) is planning a new corporate headquarters in Kuala Lumpur to cater for its 30,000 workforce and expanding operations.

Property valuers said that the proposed 34-storey building could cost between RM300 million and RM350 million.

Menara TNB 1

It could even be higher depending on TNB’s requirements.

The new headquarters will be situated on land next to its current headquarters in Jalan Bangsar, which is 70 years old.

It will be designed by famed Malaysian architect Hijjaz Kasturi.

Construction will start next year (2008) and is expected to be completed by 2010.

Hijjaz also designed the RM700 million 77-storey Menara Telekom situated in Jalan Pantai, close to TNB’s current headquarters.

Menara TNB 2

The TM headquarters is based on renowned Malaysian sculptor and artist Latiff Mohidin’s award-winning masterpiece, the Pucuk Rebung, which depicts a young bamboo shoot with strong foundations at its root and few leaves sprouting.

The new TNB headquarters will also be based on the Pucuk Rebung.

“The new building is necessary as the current workplace is filled to the brim, and we want to place all our workers currently scattered everywhere, such as nearby Menara Telekom and Crystal Plaza, under one roof.

“The new building will enable TNB to save on operational costs such as rental payments,” said a source.

A full-scale model of the new headquarters is on display at TNB’s office lobby. TNB officials could not be reached for comment.

Pics courtesy of HijjasKasturi.


One Response to “Tenaga to build new HQ”

  1. seng Says:

    TNB Proposed New HQ in KL:

    centralization 30,000 workforce.
    1. Is the project incorperating public transport? the public transport station must at the door steps.
    2. Will the centralization surve the customer better? their response time will be shorter and quicker or faster?
    3. Is this new HQ aims for functional purposes or so call show off TNB’s ‘corparate image’ or ‘it richness’?
    4. It is hardly find a tree in the ‘nice’ perspective drawing. Is the overall design suitable for tropical city?

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