Putrajaya Tower

Putrajaya Tower img1

Background Information 

A design proposal / closed competition for a proposed 100m Putrajaya Tower, in Putrajaya to be located near the Dataran Putrajaya.

Putrajaya Tower img2

The project brief calls for an 100 meters observation tower, overlooking the administrative center of Putrajaya, which will be used as a tourist destination and attraction. The tower will also include a revolving restaurant, visitor center / gallery and an observation deck.

Putrajaya Tower img3

Design Approach

Our concept is based on abstract interpretation of the “Sirih Junjung”; a quid of betel consisting of betel (sirih) leaves, betel nut (pinang) tobacco and gambir combined and folded neatly together and held in place by a clove. The folded leaves also symbolizes and represent unity. Furthermore, the offering of a sirih quid set (Sirih Junjung) carries a welcoming message to the receiver, the giver symbolically presents himself humbly before the receiver.

Putrajaya Tower img4

In our design, we have incorporated 2 observation deck, one at 20 metres and the other at 80 meters. This is to allow tourists to view the administrative center at different levels.

Source: Atsa Architects


One Response to “Putrajaya Tower”

  1. droool Says:

    well, thats cool
    will have another place to visit there

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