Penang’s Global City

Three decades after being dubbed the “silicon island”, Penang is set to move on to the world stage as a global city centre. 

The RM25 billion Penang Global City Centre (PGCC) was launched by PM Abdullah two days ago. Abad Naluri, an associate company of Equine Capital Bhd, will undertake the project.


PGCC will have 2 iconic semi-twin towers, 44-storey (180m) and 66-storey (255m) respectively.  

The site which was once the 104ha Penang Turf Club (at Batu Gantung) will be turned into a world class “city within a city.” The massive project, expected to create 40,000 jobs, will be a boon to Penang’s tourism industry.


The iconic towers that will stand tall in Penang soon… 

PGCC is to be developed under the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER), that will comprise two VERY ICONIC towers, a metropolitan park, the Penang Performing Arts Centre (PenPac), high-end retail mall, a convention centre, luxury hotels and condominiums.

PGCC Masterplan  

The massive urban development project could result in 33 tower blocks of over 40 storeys each being built on Batu Gantung, where one of the last huge green spaces left on land-starved Penang Island.

The developer had originally wanted a density that would have been twice that of Hong Kong, but was persuaded to change its plan.

Explaining PGCC's unique architecture

The master plan for the PGCC is undertaken by Paris-based Nasrine Seraji of Atelier Seraji, while New York-based Hani Rashid of Asymptote Architects will design its structures. The ground-breaking is expected within the next 12 months.

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4 Responses to “Penang’s Global City”

  1. Andrew Lim Says:

    May God bless the Penang Global City Centre, may it truly benefit the people of Penang. I hope that NGO’s with elitist argument with hatred in thier hearts and jealosy among the elite will not derail this project, for those who need the jobs, for the young in Penang, for the future of Penang.

  2. JL Says:

    That’s very iconic architecture I have ever seen in Malaysia. I think PGCC will be a major boost on Penang and other northern states. Thanks for not choosing KL to develop this beauty…

  3. Shall Says:

    I like it. It’s beautiful and I like the fact it’s a zero carbon city. I think Malaysia should regulate a policy to ensure all developers to implement the zero carbon development to support green urbanization. Anyway, well done to Penang!

  4. The real PGCC plan « Malaysia City Says:

    […] Penang’s Global City […]

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