The future KLIA low-cost carrier terminal

A new low-cost carrier terminal building catering to 30 million passengers a year will be built in three to four years time. It will be much closer to KLIA main terminal compared to the present LCCT.

This terminal will be part of KLIA and will be connected by the Express Rail Link (ERL) train services.

Aerial view of KLIA 

Aerial view of KLIA components, by forumer Cattivo. [Satelitte should be Satellite] 

Hopefully there’ll be an aerotrain connecting this new LCCT to KLIA main terminal as well.

In the meantime, the present LCCT will be expanded to cater up to 15 million passengers annually.

Also, Malaysia Airports might want to built a second satellite building for the main terminal before 2015 as KLIA may sooner or later reach its limit.

(The initial proposal of KLIA was to able to handle 100 million passengers a year, thus having 4 satellite terminal buildings and Main Terminals of A and B. See picture above.)


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