Penang Global City Centre (Updated)

After Iskandar Development Region (IDR) in southern Johor, now there is Penang Global City Centre, part of the Northern Corridor Economic Region (NCER) blueprint which was launched on Monday (the first package).

Some RM20 billion worth of properties were planned over 15 years to redevelop the Penang Turf Club site in George Town.

PGCC, envisioned to be one of the world’s first zero-carbon city, will be modelled along the lines of the Kuala Lumpur City Centre.

To be developed by Equine Capital (indirect shareholding), the PGCC will be one of five high-impact projects for Penang State under the NCER.

 The first proposal of PGCC by Asymptote

The initial proposal by Asymptote, called Mutiara Complex Penang, now known as Penang Global City Centre.  

PGCC will be designed by Hani Rashid from Asymptote Architecture in New York and Nasrine Seraji from Atelier Seraji in Paris. The new design will be unveiled in September.

The eco-city development is expected to include a 10.4ha public park, two five-star hotels, a performing arts centre, retail outlets, two iconic office towers, residential properties and a world-class convention centre.

Asymptote 2005 Masterplan for Penang

Asymptote’s 2005 Masterplan for Penang 

Once the eco-city is completed, an estimated 20,000 people will be working there.

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19 Responses to “Penang Global City Centre (Updated)”

  1. CM LI Says:

    I thought the Batu Gantung racecourse could remain as the last green lung for the congested George Town. Sadly it is not so. This proposed high-density concrete jungle to be built on the green field and disguised as “Zero Carbon” city will definitely worsen the traffic flow around Scotland Rd and destroy the serenity of the adjoining Jesselton Rd and Botoanic Gardens. It is a bad news for Penang islanders. The project should move to the reclaimed land along Jelutong Highway.

  2. patchay Says:

    Now the masterplan includes 33 blocks of towers with some 40storeys. INCREDIBLE!

    However, the public needs more information regarding this as green lungs in Penang are at stake. The plan will be revealed today.

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  4. Sir Francis Light Says:

    PGCC another nail the Penang’s coffin, these are more appropriate versions of this acronym:

    Profiteering Greedy Corrupt Conniving

    Potentially Greatest Corruption Conspiracy

    Politically Generated Corrupted Cronies

    the solution:
    People Gathering Courage to Cripple it
    using your votes wisely in all future elections

  5. DesmondT Says:

    the poor will not have the luxuring of turning away, only the ‘haves’ will never stop complaning, pls give the ‘have nots’ an opportunity

  6. DesmondT Says:

    I wish people will wait for a proper study before they make assumptions about traffic conditions
    I am sure many posting in here are from the elite worrying about themselves, and not because of any noble objectives

  7. Shamsul Anuar Says:

    I pretty sure those bitching about the Penang Global City Centre are those who are either rich or retired, most of the those in the Penang NGO these days are from these two categories. They fail to understand that they are in the minority. The majority who welcome this project would be those who need to put food on the plate, they dont have the luxury to complain about the environment, they cannot afford to act like the elite. I wish these people who have nothing good to say will just shut up and let something good happen for Penang for once

  8. Lynne Says:

    Why la you guys have to argue such a crap matter? My first impression PGCC is such a world-class project in a humble Penang. Don’t you proud of that?

  9. hausangchai Says:

    i would like 2 say that i accept such projects in penang…
    its about time now 4 such a masterplanning in penang…
    n im very proud of it…
    but one issue dat seems 2 b lacking dat should b paid more attention 2 is d public tranportation mode…
    i think it is time 2 bring all those public transportation like electrical trams, monorail, lrt, mrt, etc…
    penang could not survive without a proper public transportation system…
    i think d masterplan should cover that issue seriously n mayb emulate those urban planners of Japanese cities, HK n Singapore…
    they also can maintain vast green lungs in the city but at d same time grows 2 be a strong player in economical world while retaining its strong social context by providing the best public amenities like libraries, museums, performing arts centre, world-class education centre, public parks, etc…
    hopefully dis project won’t b a merely cynical “mega projects” but a one dat can changed not only economy power but the development of malaysian civilisation…

  10. hausangchai Says:

    one more thing i would like 2 comment…
    penang do stil hav alot of green lungs…
    if u guys is searching of dat…
    y not proposed a short cutted tunnel across the hills to balik pulau…
    there guarantee a lot of greeneries n hills out there which r stil lush n pristine…
    its is after all still in penang…

  11. Lynne Says:

    the public transportation will be improve because of this development. they are planning to make everything integrated. please note that this development also concern about the environment. visit their website for more information.

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  13. Jiamint Says:

    This is an eco-city project project without any real concern on environmental issue with the high rise buildings dispositioned near to the hill, disregarding topography as a permanent heritage of the people. Urban experience should never isolate from earth-induced effect. This eco-city resembles the idea of archigram in 1960s, still using megastructure! You really can transpositioned the project in any place in the world! Absolutely without localized detail and concern, no wander Penang failed to apply for World Heritage from UNESCO! World-class buildings need not to be high and tall.

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  15. Devon Says:

    I can nvr understand why r people complaining about it. Those complaining are mainly the residents of Jesselton and rich bastards. Complaining about the increase in traffic? C’mon as if the traffic at the moment ain’t bad? That the reason of the PORR( Penang Outer Ring Road) n the LRT. The number of jobs being created by this project….and those fellas are complaining about the environment. Sometimes it’s not about the minority but the majority as said Shamsul…
    It’s for a good cause if the goverment do need to reclaim all the land in Jesselton for the construction of PORR…
    Probably it will just shut em up for good…and start thinking for the majority rather den just themselves…

  16. F.A.King Says:

    Ya lah! Last time those selfish minority said they concern about the green. Now it seems they change the subject and suddenly they question about the project transparency lah konon. Selfish la! Think about us poor people la ayo!

  17. Valerie Christina White Says:

    Although, i have never travelled to Malaysia – i have read the background and history to this planned Global City since 2005-06. I am an experienced Project Support Manager keen to work on this project. i note the arguements and concerns of the population living in the green belt area, however if the government believed it would cause a serious threat they would use the reclaimed land. given the economic benefits to the people and the sustainability of the Global city the new ideas that will be used to maintain the environment i agree this is a worthwhile long-term project.look forward to seeing hearing reading more about its progress!! hey, and the job opportunities if there is such a jobsite or link!!


  18. weird Says:

    what is the building concept??is this project teasable and viable??

  19. Steve Says:

    It seems a surreal option for an historic island.

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