The New Proton Car

Proton’s latest sexy-looking car … coming soon this mid-August!

Proton unnamed Gen2 New Sedan

Currently known as Gen2 sedan, this brand new unnamed 1.6 litre model will certainly take Malaysia’s passenger car market by storm !!!

New Proton car 

This car is extremely beautiful and value for money.

 New Proton car testing

I reckon this is Proton’s best baby so far!

Photos courtesy of SSC Malaysian forumers.

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9 Responses to “The New Proton Car”

  1. Yatz Says:

    looks like a Kia Sephia to me..:P

  2. ck Says:

    quality is all that matters.
    hence it’s just another piece of crap.

  3. hello Says:

    i need to know jow much this car is plz reply me soon im waiting

  4. patchay Says:

    >>> hello

    The price is about 45k-55k on te road. Check with your nearest dealer.

  5. Riaz Says:

    Sir i want to know any dealers in u.a.e if yes please provide address

    thank you

  6. sara Says:

    persona jadikan persona EVO 2.0 sbb body besar dan best


    i want to know who is the supplier for proton cars.

    and more details i want to know.

    i am really intrested in your car and models.

  8. Wayne Says:

    I would like to know if the Proton is a really good car to by, why do the Brake down all the time and proton australia does not stand by the warranty, as the car is a pile of shit and is stead of $1699.00 for the they charge you $24000.00 and then tell you they will not fix it and if they do they rplace the parts with secoundhand ones

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